"I'm always on the hunt
for what I can discover
about myself"

Canadian artist, Juvy Bajar Panganiban's demonstration of creative art is centered mostly on celebrating women, emphasizing strength, intellect, passion, and beauty. It is also an exploration of love, femininity, herself and where she is in this period of time. Some artists like to make viewers think, but she prefers to convey messages through her art work making her audience feel rather than wonder.

Born in 1979 in Manila and  growing up on a tiny island in Masbate, Philippines, where she spent most of her time swimming in the ocean, diving for corals and fishing with her grandmother.  Growing up she was  very passionate about sports, competitive dance and art.  Her family migrated to Canada when she was 14 years old.  

The memories she has of her childhood have formed colorful patterns in her vivid and creative imagination.  The endless golden summer and beautiful sunsets in the Philippines remains fresh in her mind.

During her teenage years, she developed a strong obsession for fashion and design.  Glamour is something so attractive which deeply connects with her personality in so many levels, but she never really thought of it as a career path.    

In 2004 she was offered a scholarship  to Niagara College and pursued a career in the legal field aspiring to be a lawyer.  Shortly after receiving her Law Clerk Diploma and instead of furthering her legal education, she began working for a law office in Niagara Falls.   

Her desire for adventure, exploration and remembrance of her island living led her to pursue photography earning her photography diploma in 2008.  She has  traveled to most part of Asia, South America and the Caribbean, capturing its beauty and wonder with a camera always by her side.   She specially loves photographing nature as it gives her great sense of peace and tranquility.  In 2017 she became an active member of Halton Hills Camera Club.

While her most recent self-discovery is her love and passion for painting.  She has developed an attraction to black and white, linear forms, light, shapes and different blend of colors.  She is particularly impressed with the overall quality and formation of images on canvas with the application of oil, acrylic paint and other mediums. 
These days she is focused on her career as a law clerk and currently works for a prestigious law firm in Mississauga.  She resides in Georgetown, Ontario and takes great pride in designing the  interior structure and design of her home.  She enjoys music, cooking, dancing, photography among many of her hobbies, and  more recently  her love and passion for painting.